Partners In Excellence

Yangmali Rai,

Founder and President of Yang-Ward Foundation, CEO of FundProVo, Davis Scholar & a Resolution Fellow


Yangmali Rai completed his undergraduate degrees from Westminster College, Missouri, graduating with honors in International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business and Transnational Studies. Recently Mr. Rai finished his postgraduate degree from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with International Relations degree.

Because of his work with Yang-Ward Foundation, Yangmali has been featured in various newspapers and television shows. Yangmali was invited by Former US President Bill Clinton to New York, where he met notable personalities such as US President Barak Obama, Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to name a few.

Recently Yangmali Rai has founded a new company FundProVo (, the most affordable crowdfunding platform that brings social entrepreneurs, volunteers, donors, experts, organizations, public and private sectors together to contribute positive good to the global community.


John K Lyle Jr. (Ken), Grant Writer

For 20+ concurrent years, Ken has been a grant writer, co-writer, reviewer, and grant administrator for numerous federal, state, and privately funded grants on behalf of several state government, municipal and not-for-profit organizations for a wide variety of purposes and activities. His success rate exceeds 70%. He is also a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation.


As the Financial Officer for the Fulton State Hospital for over 21 years, he had direct responsibility for fiscal management and planning, as well as daily business, hospitality, and plant functions for a highly complex 500-bed, TJC accredited maximum-security hospital employing 1200+ employees. He over saw an operation budget of $57 million/year. For over 18-years, he has been an Adjunct Instructor at the bachelor and graduate level teaching leadership, managerial ethics, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship and capstones in both classroom and online settings. He also is a Senior Examiner, Overseer, Judge, and Team Leader for The Excellence in Missouri Foundation where he serves as an examiner to assemble highly qualified teams for review of applications and selected site visits. He participated in 12-week log site visits.


Ken has received multiple awards and recognition over the years for his service, including, Business Associate of the year and Commencement speaker at William Woods University. His education includes: Masters of Public Administration (MPA), Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Psychology.