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Why We Started

We want to get charities and nonprofit organizations known and help them with their internet marketing and social media presence. We promote them as professionally and effectively as possible utilizing landing pages, Facebook, videos, and more. We want our vision and mission in what we do, to make a positive impact in communities and to help companies promote their causes. Why? Because we are passionate about helping others, and to further the good of others. Without realizing what we were doing, we got started in 2014 when we were asked to help promote some nonprofit organizations with building their website and creating a presence on social media. Since then, we have been involved in seven (7) nonprofit organizations.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Because we continue to be involved promoting organizations, nonprofits, and charities, we naturally decided we needed to continue with this direction. Our mission statement is, “We assist and educate nonprofit organizations in their branding, marketing and fundraising”. We want to be known as an organization that takes action helping nonprofit organizations promote their cause. We want to be an example to others that you can make a positive change in the world, and these positive changes can make a big impact in someone’s life.

If you feel there is nothing you can do to get your message and story out there for all to know, that is simply not true. We are here to help you figure it out and create an internet marketing plan for you. Contact us today so we can help you take that next step and action!


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